Blermo is a social media concept for medical students to share their ideas, opinions, experiences and challenges in the course of their study of the beloved medical field.

The Problem

As a medical student, I was constantly faced with the issue of posting a WhatsApp status about something concerning medicine and then getting crazy replies from my non-medical contacts asking to take my opinions somewhere else, and then I thought, "why not build that 'somewhere else'?"

The Solution

After thoughts on how to go about this, I thought of the SoloLearn app, a communty solely for developers to post and ask coding related questions, and learn by doing so.

And I thought something like that should exist for medical students, too.



Blermo, for now has article-posting features, with like and commenting functionalities. Basically, social media things, again, for now. A 'question' feature is being worked upon, to enable users ask medical-related questions and get answers from experienced and senior colleagues

The site is fully responsive.

Challenges Faced

Starting out, I had an issue deciding whether to make the app an Instagram-like app, for pictures with short-text, or article-based like Medium.
I went for the later, for some reason.
I also faced issues about higher functionalities like a notification system, to know who liked your posts or followed you and all. That is still a challenge, as I have still not figured out how to implement it.

Tools Used

HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, jQuery, ajax & Django.
Plans to 'react-ify' the app are underway.

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